My paintings cover a variety of subjects, each of which is an individual person or animal whose personality I am anxious to capture. The life and character must be portrayed and this is of paramount importance.  Children and animals have such spontaneity and spirit within, that the task of depicting their unique personality is made all the more enjoyable for this joie de vivre.
I work mainly in pastels, occasionally oils. Should you prefer an animal painting which is not the full colour realistic paintings you can see under Commissioned Portraits but which is more akin to my prints,  i.e smaller, subtle colours, more pictorial and usually with a background, this can be arranged. Please see Limited Edition Prints for some examples.

Commissioned Portraits


Gill Evans is a well-known, highly talented artist who specialises in the painting of charming and characterful portaits.  In addition to adult and captivating child portraits, Gill is also renowned for her lively portraits of dogs, cats and horses.

To see some examples of her work please click on Commissioned Portraits.


Limited Edition Prints

Gill has created an extensive range of LIMITED EDITION prints of most dog breeds and some cats and other animals.  These prints are available in shops and also online.

To see these please click on Limited Edition Prints   

Gill's Background

For more information about Gill please click on Gill's Background.